Coast to Coast Warranty

Coast to Coast Warranty understands that sometimes, bad things can happen to your vehicle. Don’t be caught without some of our products:

  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection
    • This protection plan offers towing and trip interruption insurance for peace of mind motoring.
  • GoldSeal Protection Suite
    • This protection plan helps you from paying for costly breakdown repair fees out of your pocket.
  • Road Hazard Tire-Rim-Key/Remote
    • This protection plan helps any tire, rim, key/remote problems you encounter that come between you and the road.
  • ACE Creditor Insurance
    • This protection plan helps against the risks of death, disabling injuries, sickness or critical illnesses.
  • Gap Financial Protection
    • This protection plan helps cover the difference between what your car is worth vs. what you owe.

Contact Us today and let us help you find a warranty package that best suits your needs!